3 months, 30 days

Not much going on in my life today. Since the two major deadlines of the term passed yesterday, I’m on an unexpected break for the rest of the week. No more lectures until next Monday. I feel like I’m back on holiday; it’s quite pleasant. I should go to a meeting today, but I have no money to travel and I don’t think I should force myself to make the two hour walk again. I’ve done nothing except listen to good music and surf the internet all day. Oh, I also started contributing to a new blog here: http://diamondexperiment.wordpress.com/2007/11/13/new-beginnings/ I don’t think I’ve explained my full story on my own blog before, so my post on that other blog might well be worth checking out.

Tonight I guess I’ll be in front of the TV for a few hours. And then I’ll probably chat online until late. It’s certainly not an exciting life at the moment, but every day I wake up without a hangover is a godsend. I was just thinking earlier how I don’t miss the hangovers at all – I could never do anything when I was feeling that way. I could barely get out of bed. At least now I can get up every day now feeling reasonably healthy, and I can actually plan my days properly. I might not have an awful lot to do for the rest of the week but I suppose after the hard work I put into my Uni projects over the weekend, I deserve the break.


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