4 months, 13 days

Haven’t been out of the house today, so there hasn’t been much exciting going on. But that’s not to say it’s been a dull or bad day. Over the past few months I’ve kind of filled my time with more and more things at home, to keep the boredom away, because with me boredom inevitably leads to depression. This blog is something to look forward to every day now, and the other blogs I’ve recently started contributing to are each a weekly occurence. To take a look at them, here they are:

Queer Deviations

Pink Boots

The first one, QD, is a group blog, where I contribute as thingmebob82. I just posted something new there today. The second one, Pink Boots, is my exciting weekly review of new album releases in the UK. I’ve loved writing all my life and with all this online activity I suddenly feel free. So I generally have things to do all the time now. It’s the best thing for me, because it gives me less time to think about drinking. I haven’t done any work for Uni today; I hope I can get on with that tomorrow because I think I’ve been feeling a bit lethargic about it recently, and I don’t want that lethargy to become an issue again.


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