4 months, 25 days

Today I did something I’ve always wanted to do. As a child I always had a geeky dream to travel to the end of every London Underground line. I have no idea where this dream came from, I just remember looking at maps of the London tube network and wishing I could go out there to all the farthest reaches. Today I decided to take the Metropolitan line all the way to the end, at Watford. It was a long journey, a lot of it through open countryside. I guess it was nice to see what the end of the line looked like, but today’s journey was about more than that. When I dreamed of doing this as a kid, I had no hope, because I didn’t have my own money to fund the trip. Up til very recently, I wouldn’t have been able to afford it, and I probably wouldn’t have had the guts to do it either. I’m sure I would have been worried about what people thought of me: “why is he going all the way to Watford just to see what the end of the line looks like?”

Today, I realised that I’d finally saved enough to make the journey, not that it’s particularly dear, but before I simply couldn’t justify the cost of something so random. I also realised today that I didn’t care what people might think. I got on the train this afternoon and I got to see what the farthest reach of the London Underground system looked like; the weather was nice and Watford train station happens to be situated in a park which looked just lovely today with all the leaves on the ground. Watford is not the only line terminus, of course: there are fourteen lines on the London Underground, all of which have at least two termini. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to travel to all of them; the cost would be very significant, and it would take a lot of time. We shall see. All I can say is that today I felt completely free, to do what I wanted to do for the very first time. I’m sure that is due in no small part to my sobriety.


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