6 months, 28 days

Not much to report on. I had my home group in West London tonight, and as usual I was the literature secretary. The commitment went as well as it normally does, though at one point I feared making a big mistake when someone wanted to give a newcomer a copy of the Big Book for free. I didn’t know if newcomers were allowed to have the Big Book free of charge or not; I know it costs quite a lot and meetings in general don’t like to give things like that away as freebies. In the end I let the newcomer have it without paying because he had just shared about being in a financial tight spot due to his drinking. The secretary seemed to think I’d done the right thing. But if it turns out in the end that I’ve made a mistake, then so be it. I had to make a decision there and then based on my own judgment, there was no way around it. This is one of the things that scares me about work, the fact that sometimes you have to go on your own judgment. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m not very trusting in my own capabilities. Even now I’m worried that I’ve made a mistake and I’m going to be in trouble with the meeting’s treasurer next week. That’s not going to happen but I still fear it. Commitments, ey! Who’d have them?


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