7 months, 12 days / work and play pt.2

Again, a brilliant day. I managed to study all morning, for the first time in what feels like weeks. In the afternoon I had a very satisfactory nap, something that’s unusual for me to pull off, before I had to go out and meet C in Central London for another West End show. This week we were going to see the Mousetrap at St Martin’s Theatre, a play I knew virtually nothing about beforehand. I thought it looked quite interesting from posters around town, and since we’re going through a theatre phase at the moment, we decided to book some tickets. It was a brilliant show, a thoroughly engaging and gripping story with superb acting and direction. I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in…well, in days! I was going to say years, but then I remembered seeing Mamma Mia last week! Do you know, this is the way I’ve always wanted to live. THIS is what I want to be doing with my spare time. This is the kind of thing that excites me. And I never knew it before! 25 years of living in London, and never once did I go and see a show. It simply never occurred to me before. Maybe C always pays for the tickets because he’s treating me as a replacement for his lost children…who knows? It doesn’t matter at all. I am SO grateful for his friendship, for the joy that it brings me on occasions like tonight, nothing else matters. Without the fellowship, NONE of this would have happened, I wouldn’t have even had the confidence to suggest it in my drinking days.


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