7 months, 18 days

Another reasonable day has passed, with pretty much all my responsibilities being fulfilled. Time seems to be passing so quickly at the moment. I can’t believe it’s been two days since the weekend; four days since last week; over two months into 2008 already. There’s only one reason I can think of why time is going so speedily: because I’m happier than I ever was. Despite all the anxiety, I think I may just be as happy as I can be at the moment. This morning I got up early as usual and rushed through breakfast, in an attempt to speed up the process because every day I normally take so long with it, half the morning is wasted before I’m fully fed and dressed. This morning I was ready for the day’s work by 10am. I had a lot of washing and studying to do, all of which I’d just about done by the evening. Before I knew it was time to head over to West London for my home group. Unfortunately, the new literature that I ordered a month ago still hasn’t arrived. This is a big worry now as our current supplies are running very low, and I don’t want to stop selling literature to newcomers who need it.

The meeting’s treasurer, O, is the one who ordered the literature last month, and unfortunately he wasn’t around tonight so I couldn’t ask him what was going on. If he’s there next week and the new stock hasn’t come yet, I know I’m going to have to do something about it myself, because I’m taking this responsibility seriously. Saying that, I won’t lose sleep over it, because I can hand it over at the end of each day with my prayers. I’m so grateful to have my prayers now; without them I’d be going mad. These days it generally seems easier to hand things over to my higher power, which is a great relief. It’s taken me a long time to get here. The idea that everything will be OK does come to me much more naturally now than it did eight months ago. I have my higher power and the AA program to thank for that.


One thought on “7 months, 18 days

  1. I this web site only for alcoholics,becauseIam in need of a 12 step program,I am having sime tough times in my life and believe that if I worked the steps my life will make more sence and I would not be so sad.

    Thank You,

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