10 months, 20 days / end in sight

I’ll be quick tonight as I want to be in bed early, in preparation for my thesis presentation at University tomorrow morning. I feel like I’m going for a job interview…it’s sure to be the most important presentation I’ve ever done. I feel well prepared, having spent most of the day getting my poster slides enlarged and stuck to colourful backgrounds. Today was really hard work, but I enjoyed it. I know I’ll be fine tomorrow. I had to fit the today’s work around a doctor’s appointment, during which I had my prescription for anti-depressants renewed. I will now be on Prozac for at least the next two months. It’s a relief, to be honest, because I know it’s just starting to work. I’m not sure I would have felt quite so stable today without it. Normally after a busy, stressful day I’d be highly emotional and strung out, but right now I feel OK. Tired, but OK. The end of my degree is in sight, and I’m more ready for the next chapter in my life than I ever have been.


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