10 months, 26 days / bad food and fellowship

You’ll be glad to hear that today was a lot better than yesterday. I managed to complete half a job application this afternoon, which I was pretty pleased about. Tonight’s home group was fun. My friend S was doing the chair, and it was lovely to hear him talk about his experiences in sobriety because I’ve shared in most of them. A group of us at the front of the room all shared back to him in the latter part of the meeting about how much we valued his friendship. That to me is what fellowship is about. Afterwards we all went for coffee and had a great laugh in the café, at the expense of the poorly cooked food. I felt part of a group again – it’s a feeling I’ve experienced a lot more in sobriety than I ever did when I was drinking. Those people I was with earlier could end up being friends for life. Tonight I realised yet again that AA has changed my life completely. I’m still amazed that I can have nights like tonight. Before recovery, Tuesday nights were always completely mundane and forgettable. No day is forgettable in recovery. My life is fuller now than it ever was. I just hope I can get a job soon to complete the picture!


One thought on “10 months, 26 days / bad food and fellowship

  1. Glad your feeling better today – am only around a few months myself but you just put into words the way I feel on my good days! Am still having bad days but when it is good, it proves to me that sobriety is worth it ….

    Keep the faith 🙂

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