11 months, 18 days / results

I didn’t sleep too badly on Tuesday night, despite my anxiety regarding my results. I woke up feeling quite refreshed early yesterday morning, and was grateful to be able to go online to the University website and find out my grade straight away. I got the result that I wanted – not too surprisingly. It was the realistic result that I’d predicted for myself, an upper second class, right next to the borderline with lower second class. Although it was dangerously close to that borderline in the end, I can still say that I have an upper second class degree, and I will be able to apply for better jobs and eventually masters degrees at good Universities. Consequently I spent most of yesterday breathing a sigh of relief. In the evening I went to town to help S celebrate his first sober anniversary. About twenty of us from the fellowship ate in a lovely pizza restaurant, before heading for the usual coffee in Soho. I was reminded of S’s birthday last year, when I didn’t know many people at the restaurant and felt incredibly nervous about the social situation. Last night was much more fun. I felt a completely different person. Everyone congratulated on my degree result; S had even bought me a lovely card to mark the occasion. I’d never been congratulated on anything so much before in my life. It was perhaps the proudest day of my life.


2 thoughts on “11 months, 18 days / results

  1. you totally deserve to be as proud as you are right now – your degree result is just one of the many symbols of the changes that have happened in your life over the last (nearly) 12 months; I can’t stop smiling for you either…

  2. It might sound obvious but I think it’s worth pointing out that none of those changes would have been possible without my sobriety…and as I said to you yesterday tp, my sobriety wouldn’t have been possible without the support of brilliant friends (such as yourself). Thanks for sticking with the blog, it means a lot to me 🙂

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