11 months, 23 days / good times

The good feeling from the weekend continues. I really enjoyed my home group earlier tonight. I shared about all the amazing things that had happened in the last few days, such as enjoying gay pride on Saturday and the meal with my father on Sunday. I talked some more about my great degree result, and the fact that I will be one year sober next week. One year sober! I haven’t stopped thinking about it for months – I cannot believe it’s actually nearly here.

I’m slightly nervous because I have a job interview tomorrow. Well, sort of. It’s with a recruitment agency, so it’s not actually for a real job, it’s just for them to get to know me and put me on their books. But it’s a first step towards getting an actual job. If they like me, they’ll be able to help me with that side of things. They seemed to like my CV, which is a good sign. God, I hope tomorrow goes well. I’ve had to go out today and buy a suit, because I didn’t have one before and I get the feeling they’ll be expecting a smart appearance. For the first time in my life, I’m going to have to pull off ‘smart’. I’ve been a student for so long, all I’ve known look-wise is student-esque!

None of these things would have been possible were I still drinking, that’s for sure.


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