Super Saturday

It’s been a reasonable few days. The weather is beautiful at the moment, which always seems to make things better. On Thursday I attended the local step 1 meeting that I used to go to regularly; it was nice being back, sharing amongst those faces again. Last night I went to the big gay meeting in town, not because I had missed it but because I needed to find someone to chair tonight’s meeting. I knew I’d be spoilt for choice last night, and it was fairly easy to find someone. I don’t get very nervous about these things any more. I guess I have all my previous service to thank for that.

I got back to the job search this week. There is still no news to tell on that front. I suppose it’s my fault for taking such a long break from the hunt. Anyway, I’m back on the case, and I’ve been busy sending off applications here, there and everywhere for jobs that I actually want. I’m as ready to work as I ever was, but as always, there’s no rush. I’m waiting for the right thing to come along.

The writing is still going well. My new novel is taking on an exciting sci-fi/fantasy edge, which I never thought I could pull off. I can’t wait to get it published!

That’s about it for today. I’m having a good day, and there’s not much to say. I will probably go out in a minute to enjoy the late summer sun.


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