Setback no.5189

I am angry today and I have to write about it. The reason I am angry is simple: I have accidentally gone past my bank overdraft limit, so the mean and greedy bank have charged me about £70 as punishment again. It fucking riles me because I have no money to cover those charges, and as soon as my next benefit payment goes into the account on Tuesday, the best part of it will disappear. My benefits should not be paying off bank charges every month, they should be helping me to live. I feel like writing an angry letter to the bank, but that would probably do no good. I’m going to have to go in on Monday morning and explain my situation to them. It probably won’t do any good either, but as human beings they need to understand what’s going on for me.

 I’m sick of being in the red all the time without any chance of ever getting out of it. The bank really hasn’t helped by applying these heavy-handed charges every time I’ve spent 1 penny more than I’m allowed to. I was being so careful this month as well! As if being careful makes any difference: nothing will change until I’ve got a job. I’ve accepted that this week, and I’m perfectly willing to work now, I just need an employer to give me a chance. Until someone in a position of power is kind and bold enough to do that, I will have no money, no real purpose in life and no identity.

 On the bright side, I enjoyed the date from heaven on Thursday with a beautiful man called Gareth. He’s a primary school headteacher from Hertfordshire; he’s intelligent, funny and caring. He’s also fucking hot. I’m going to see him tonight and we’re probably going to have a lot of fun. I hope my anger at the bank doesn’t spoil tonight. A short time ago, it might have. I suppose it’s positive that I’m more angry than scared right now, because I know what I can do to alleviate the problem. I can go into the bank on Monday morning and make someone listen to me.

 It might do very little good but even if I can just say all of this to someone who works there, it would probably be enough. I’m fed up of being treated like this, it is actually really unfair. I have a voice and I’m going to use it. Banks have so much control over the world, it’s scary. Let’s face it, it’s thanks to banks that we’re in a global recession right now! If I had the choice and lots of money, I’d store it all in a safe somewhere and never let any bank get their greedy hands on it. Banks and money are exactly what is wrong with this world.


One thought on “Setback no.5189

  1. Josh; you write beautifully and movingly.

    I used to work for The Citizen’s Advice Bureaux a few years ago and they have specialist financial advisors who can help with exactly the kind of problems you are experiencing with your bank and finances.

    The service is free and confidential and you can get details here Try and make an appointment to see someone at your local branch.

    You may have already been to them but if not I think you may find it helpful: all the workers there are volunteers and very sympathetic and non-judgmental.

    I really hope you are able to get some help. All the best and good luck with everything.


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