Really good day at work – as insanely busy as ever, but maybe for the third or fourth time in the past few weeks, it was actually fun. This morning I decided to draw up a daily timetable that I will try and stick to from now on, to make life more simple really, and it took some time pinning down the exact tasks that I have to do every day, which was interesting. I know what I have to do, but it’s hard to define and categorize as there are many different things now, some of which link with others, some of which are completely unrelated to what my official job role is. It was interesting to discover this today, and realise how much the job has evolved in the past eight months. Back when I started I only had one thing to do every day, which wasn’t much fun at all, but rather boring. There remain repetitive, menial things that I have to do every day, but I get to organize it all myself which is the best thing about it.

I have a whole area to myself now, which is nice, as opposed to the little corner that I had to make do with for eight months, where people were walking past all the time and brushing into me. I’m also in a room with people who are decidedly easier to talk to than my former neighbours upstairs. All in all, it’s been a positive week of change for me. I’m speaking directly to business partners on the phone, organising little deals that might not change the world but which are definitely getting me noticed. Today I was allowed to design a small advert banner for one of our retailers, which was time-consuming but hugely enjoyable, as it was a purely creative exercise over which I had total control. Against all previous expectations I am being given room to spread my wings and take flight. I just wonder what the inevitable next set of changes is going to bring.

It looks like for now, Jan and I are settled in our new office with our new job structures. But as I look around and notice just how many promotions and rearrangements have happened in the company since I started last year, it’s hard to believe that things are just going to stay as they are now forever. A few months ago the idea of any little change terrified me, naturally – I’d only just started, it was all too new to me. Now I’m gradually getting used to the almost constant changes, and I really like it. Thank God I found a company in which you can make your own way, if you’re bright and ambitious enough. I may be self-doubting, but God I am ambitious.

The day was so good I almost didn’t want to come home at the end of it. I was invited for drinks at 6pm, as usual, and I had to turn them down, as usual, mostly out of instinct. As I was walking away I kept thinking how nice it was of them to try and include me yet again. Yesterday I may have been bemoaning the fact that I never get invited to things, yet the truth is that there’s generally always something going on, and you only have to show up if you want to be a part of it. As I wheeled out my usual justification that I don’t drink alcohol, Jan smiled and said there was plenty of diet coke in the fridge. I smiled back, thinking he couldn’t possibly be serious.

When I got home a few hours later, after attending my regular SAA meeting, I was astonished to find an e-mail from Jan, thanking me for all the hard work I’d done this week and congratulating me on my creative work with the advert banner. It’s happened again – I’ve been surprised by a colleague about whom I was having serious doubts. Jan can be an arrogant pig sometimes, and I’m still not sure if I’ve decided whether he’s more pig than decent human being. He only just turned 23, which may explain some of the arrogance. We have a functioning working relationship now, that’s for sure, and the hurt I experience every time he says something off colour gets noticeably less as time goes on.


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