Book update

For those who were interested in following the progress of my book but haven’t checked in with it for a while, I’m still posting new chapters here regularly, although not as regularly as I was prior to starting my new job. The story has reached 2009, I’ve just started working for RG, the company I would end up staying with for almost six years. It was a significant turning point in my life, as significant as coming to AA. I’d been sober for more than two years, and though I was happy to be working and regaining the independence I lost years before, I still had many personal challenges to face.

I appreciate the book may not be easy to follow, as I’m using a secondary page on the blog that isn’t searchable by post like the main page, and it doesn’t send out updates whenever I add more text. As a standalone page it’s not really designed for 150,000 words of text, however that’s the length of what I wanted to write so far and it’s the method of publishing I’m most comfortable with at the moment. I hope whoever reads it enjoys it and takes something from it. It’s meant a lot to me to write it.


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